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…Thank you sooooo much for recreating our 17 year old house into a modern, contemporary dream home! The new hardwood floors (downstairs and upstairs) along with completely new kids and Master bathrooms have totally changed the look and feel of our home! And all the new painting, touch ups and damage-fillings, etc. have given a three-kid decades-old beating a totally new look! Love our "brand new" again home!!!
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Dock Construction & Repair
Waters & Wood, Inc. is well versed in dock construction and repair. You can depend on our 25 years of experience to work in your best interests. Our common repairs include pile replacement, pile encapsulation, pile cap replacement, stringer replacement, and new decking.
Floating Docks
 We construct our floating docks with the finest materials. Waters & Wood offers multiple anchoring methods, accessibility solutions, and decking options to all our floating dock customers.
Fixed Pier Docks
Our fixed docks are constructed using the finest materials and installed with a minimal impact on the environment. We offer many decking options and a wide variety of dock accessories.
We fabricate our own gangways. If you need a custom gangway, we can fabricate it! We will customize a gangway to fit your needs, whether it's a small ramp or 60' long. Let us know if you need a custom bracket for your gangway because we can build it!
Dock Floats
Do you need floats for your floating dock? We have more than 63 dock float sizes available and 3 of the most popular in stock. Our dock floats carry a 15 year warranty and are made with virgin grade polyethylene material with UV inhibitors. Our dock floats are durable! They meet the Hunt Falling Dart Test and the Hunt Water Absorption Test. Molded in mounting slots and heavy duty mounting flanges ensure installation integrity. Call today for pricing and availability of our dock floats!
Boat Lifts & Boat Canopies
Here are a few pictures of our many boat canopy and boat lift options. Each canopy is custom made based on job site requirements.
Dock Accessories
Call us today and find out how to make your dock more enjoyable and functional. We have all the dock accessories you need. Including: boat whips, corner wheels, pile rollers, dock castors, dock lights, hose lockers, dock cleats, power poles, slides, and more.

Do you need something special for your dock like a custom canoe shelf? Call us today and find out how we can take care of all your marine needs.